July 24, 2018

When there are competing offers on a house, the buyer with:

pre-approval ALWAYS stands out.

Keller Mortgage offers an unbeatable rate and removes fees for my clients!

Obtain loan pre-approval through my app: 



June 19, 2018

Imagine how it might feel not to have to make a monthly mortgage payment! Wouldn’t it be nice to know you owned your home free and clear?

Well, if paying off your mortgage early is one of your goals, you might be interested in a new report detailing exactly how you ca...

June 21, 2017

Looking to list your home in Central Texas. Be sure you have an agent that knows the Texas Real Estate Contract and the over 32 Buyer outs in the contract and all the Addendums. 

There are only 3 (three) Seller Outs. Do you know them? 

I know the 32+ buyer outs of a cont...

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