When you are Looking to Purchase a Home, Investment Property, Land or any kind of Real Estate - You want to make sure you are not overpaying.


You Need to work with an Advisor that is trained in PRICING STRATEGY to represent your needs and get the best possible price for YOU!!

As A buyer it costs you nothing to have a Real Estate Agent represent you. The commissions are typically paid by the sellers at closing out of the proceeds of the sale.

Why work with me??  I will ensure you get the best representation and negotiations on your purchase, plus you get

  • Lower Purchase Price:                As a Certified PSA Realtor®, I can develop Pricing and Negotiation Strategies that will enhance your offering and sales position when purchasing your new home.

  • Reduced Shopping Time:    Our services can shorten the time spent in searching for your new home by pre-screening and only selecting those homes that fit your needs as YOU determine.

  • Less Stress and Anxiety:      By using a Consulting and Advising Approach to un­cover your housing wants and needs, we can remove much of the stress and anxiety involved during the purchasing process of your new home.

  • Communication Guarantee:          I provide a “FIRE-ME” Guarantee. If I do not contact you at least once a week with updated information, you can fire me on the spot…

You need an Advisor that is trained in Pricing Strategy

to represent your needs and get the best possible

Price for YOU !!!

I look at it as an Investment and from an investors mind set and know what to look for on the properties to ensure you are purchasing a sound investment.

Let me show you how - text or call 254-654-2828 to

schedule a no obligation consultation.

Find Your Next Dream Home Guaranteed!

If you’ve considered moving to another house, this is the absolute BEST way to find the perfect home! It is way too risky to put your home up for sale if you haven’t even looked around to find your next property. This totally free service will find several properties for you to consider with absolutely NO obligation to ever make a move!



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