We Now offer short term rentals for those in transition.

Airbnb is Our Front Desk - Check In and Check out Service

Are you:

  • New to the area and not sure what neighborhood you want to live in?

  • A resident or Doctor at Scott & White and not sure how long you will be here?

  • Taking or already accepted and started a new job here in the area but your current home has not closed or sold?

  • Renovating your home and don't want to live in the mess and clutter till its complete?

  • Sold your home but still have not found the home you love!?

  • Here on business and tired of the hotels and extended stay scene?

  • Have a loved one admitted to Scott & White and need more room that a Hotel can provide?

  • In need of corporate housing 4 days at a time during the work week or longer and don't want to pay the high cost of a hotel or extended stay chain property?

This is were I can help. 

I offer a unique service that includes:

  • the rental of a full home

  • for as few as 2 nights

  • up to 3 months or longer 

  • nightly rate may vary. **Weekends rates may be higher.


You get to stretch out and enjoy a quite house with all the amenities. Completely Renovated Home, Office Space, Free high speed Wifi, Washer & Dryer, Dishwasher, Kitchen with Utensils, Coffee Bar and more.​

Click Below for the Properties that we operate and for availability.











PIN OAK PLACE - Coming Soon


Do you own a property and want to increase your rate of cash-on-cash return?

We can help there too. 

What problems are we solving?  

For Property Owners - we have now solved the logistical issue of the day to day operation and running of their Airbnb property.  

For Property Investors - we have now solved the issue of offering an alternative option for investment properties that provides Positive Cashflow!  We are even acting as a Buyers Agent to purchase more properties for Investors who are wanting a Positively Geared investment.

For the Temple Economy - we are providing jobs!  In the past 6 months we have employed 5 permanent employees and numerous casuals.

For Me - I have created a Business that I am passionate about and allows me freedom to create a lifestyle that most can only dream about.

What need/s are you meeting?  
There is a huge need for home owners that wanted to list their home on Airbnb but lacked the knowledge, time or ability to do so themselves.  

What do you trade?  
1. Accommodation options.  We provide a service to home owners to list their property on Airbnb.

2. I also provide a service to prepare properties for listing and this might include furnishing a home, decorating, shopping for essentials or even connecting internet services.

3. I offer a Consultation Service to help others establish their own Airbnb listing and to train them in the management of the system.  This is an option we have seen taken up by on-site managers and Hotel Managers who have decided ‘if you çan't beat them join them’ attitude in relation to Airbnb affecting their business.

4. As a Licensed Texas Real Estate Agent I can also act as a Buyers Agent to purchase properties for Investors.  I can also Sell or Long Term Lease properties for clients too.

How do you trade? 
we piggy back the Airbnb system who do a lot of the hard work for us... they collect the money up front from guests, so we have no payment problems... ever! 

We trade as a Licensed Real Estate Agency (with a twist) and hold money in a Trust Account, adhere to the Office Of Fair Trading Real Estate laws and are regularly audited.

Where and how are products sourced? 
This is the beauty of this business - we provide the service, the property owners provide their wonderful homes and we combine it all to make for a great business.