No Lender Fees + $1000 Credit Towards Closing Costs Loan - Keller Mortgage

WOW! if you are looking to purchase a home it will benefit you to at least look at this program. It could save you thousands on your next home purchase. It is exclusive to KW transactions.

Buyers must be working with a KW agent or submitting an offer on a KW listing. By working with a Keller Williams Realtor, a buyer can save thousands upfront and sellers make their home more attractive to the market. If you are not working with a KW Realtor but are submitting an offer on a KW listed property, you are also eligible for this special deal.

What Types of Loans does Keller Mortgage Do? FHA, Conventional, VA, USDA and Jumbo

Just use a Keller Williams agent and finance with Keller Mortgage. KM offers fantastic rates and a loan that lets you keep more of your money for something more important to you.

By leveraging technology and a closely aligned pod of lending professionals, KM expedite the home-buying process and bulletproof the transaction:

  • pre-approvals

  • underwriting before the contract

  • appraisals ordered immediately

steps that ensure your loan closes on time.

How Can a Seller Us this program for their listing? The buyer who wants to buy your listing is also eligible for this loan, even if another real estate company represents that buyer!

On a $300,000 loan that’s $4,000–$7,000 added to the transaction without touching the agents commission or the seller’s bottom line. This helps on price and inspection negotiations.

Consider this: If the buyer asks the seller to pay closing costs (most are lender fees), the seller can decline and simply direct the buyer to the “no lender fees + $1,000 credit” loan available on KW listings!

Contact Mick McCanlies in Temple, Texas for more information on this unique opportunity. Call or text 254-654-2828


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