Temple Texas a Great Place to Call Home

Are you new to Temple or looking at moving to Temple, Texas?

The cost of living is low and has all the amenities you would want or need.

Temple Real Estate is very affordable - when we moved to Temple 5 years ago we purchased a 2,000 sqft home on 1/2 acre lot for under $150,000 - it needed lots of updating and that's how our investing in Temple Real Estate got started.

We worked with a Great Local Lender at Fairway Independent Mortgage - Caren Hildinger to get the home loan that met our needs and are still sending payments to them. Our loan has not been sold off. If we have any questions we just call up Caren and she is always there to help.

We have now done more than three renovations not including our personal home. Most have been in real bad shape especially the last one that was a pier and beam.

Homes for sale in Temple are on the rise and it's making it harder to get good bargains on homes that need an overhaul especially for investors. We are already feeling the effects of listings that are overpriced for the amount of work that the homes really need.

With the influx of Wholesalers to the area - or middle men as I call them - are making the homes that we like to renovate and hold for rentals and or resale a big challenge.

Do You Want to Start Investing in Real Estate? I have a page dedicated to helping you do just that. KW Temple Investing It's Loaded with FREE information and tools - you don't need to pay for a program or go to a seminar - you will learn faster by doing.

We would love to help you with the process from getting funding, getting pre-approved as a ready, willing and able buyer to renovating and then selling or holding the property for a nice stream of income.

We can help you with the process.​ If I can give you just one piece of advice - only learn from those that are active and doing RE investing themselves, don't get tips from those that are sitting on the side lines watching from afar.

With the option period you can get a property under contract and inspected to see what repairs need to be done and if you are not comfortable with moving forward, in the Texas Real Estate contract, you can walk away no questions asked and only lose the option money and get the earnest money back.

Below are some before and after pics of the projects we have worked on.

Third property to date - Minutes from Downtown Temple