Kiss Of Death When Selling A Home

What can cost you thousands of dollars that too many people overlook?

Days on Market (DOM) - When a Home is on the market for an extended period of time, it becomes less desirable in the minds of the buyer, what’s wrong with the home, why has it not sold yet?


1.PRICED TOO HIGH start high, and then drop the price (DO NOT DO THAT)

1st Week or two is the most important period time to sell your home.

Start the Listing Low to where the current Market Value is. If listed too low below market value, you can sometimes create a multiple offer situation and end up getting more for your home.

Your First Offer You Receive from an Interested Buyer is Usually Your Best

Don’t hold out or wait for a higher or better offer you think might come in, have your agent negotiate with the buyers agent to ensure you get a fair and

win-win offer for all parties involved. Many Times you can lose more by waiting for a higher offer. It's like gambling in Vegas. Why not negotiate with the current offer on the table? You can always take a back up offer if the current negotiations fall apart and the you or the buyer decide to terminate the offer.

You hired your agent for a reason, now let them do what you hired them to do.

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