When Is The Best Time to List or Purchase Your Home

Probably the biggest misconception in Real Estate is that there is a best time to list or purchase your home.

Well, in all actuality - only you know when its the best time and what fits or meets your needs.

For Example, it's the middle of January and your spouse or significant other has taken a job here in Central Texas, but your home in Colorado needs to sell first before you can begin looking at new homes in Temple that are close to the new job location and because you need the proceeds of the sell in Colorado to purchase the home here in Temple.

So, the best time to List your home is NOW and not wait until Spring or Summer and the best time to purchase your new home is after your home in Colorado is under contract and it has passed the option period. That way, when you get pre-approved from a local lender and put in an offer on a home here in Central Texas and the seller knows your home is under contract back in Colorado with an expected close date and you have the pre-approval letter, your offer will be better received and most likely accepted.

Everyone's situation is different and only you can make the call as to when the best time to list or purchase your home would be. The truth is, you can buy a home during any month in the year and it will be the best time - or the worst time - depending on your unique situation.

The best time list or purchase your home is when it makes sense for you, your family, your budget, your goals and honestly, when it feels right - regardless of what time of year it is.

It is also worth mentioning that a lot of potential homebuyers get caught up in trying to time the market - there is nothing wrong with this if you truly understand the economics behind it; however, the impact is usually negligible and just adds a layer of stress and frustration that you don't really need.

If you get into the situation as mention above and are in need of a short term fully furnished home to rent we can help with that as well. We own two homes in the Temple area that we rent out just for this reason. You don't need a 12 month lease just something short term for about a month or so until you find your perfect neighborhood or until your new build home is being completed.

For more information on the homes, to see availability and to book one of the homes visit www.karmic48.com

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